I normally use JSTOR and Quest to do my research and then maybe google some books that I couldn’t find on Quest. Or if I find reviews then search those books or articles.

I find Quest to be very challenging as results are very hard to find that are relevant to what I want. Quest has limited resources in area’s I have been researching. There is a lack of specific books for topics that I research, a lot of broad content but nothing that is really specialized. There are a lot of books and articles and reviews which are hard to find what is relevant to the topic and what is not.

JSTOR is very useful but it can also be a pain as most of the searches come up with reviews on books or articles that are only semi relevant. This is a theme with many of the subjects I have researched with JSTOR. The reviews are helpful to find books to further search but it lacks a large book database. It is a place to start a research not necessarily a place to finish research.

I need to find a larger database for books that could be on a wide range of subjects of detailed histories.More book sources are needed for further research and so I would like to find a site that would have a wide book database.

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