HIST 297 Self Introduction

Hello my name is Jack Hagn

I am from Norfolk Virginia.

This is a picture of the minor league stadium in Norfolk and I have lived there my entire life.
I see a large part of who I am as a swimmer. I started swimming the summer after I turned 6 and have been swimming ever since.
I have 3 siblings, two younger brothers and a younger sister and two dogs that we are hosting while their family is out of the states.
This is my Sophomore Year at UMW and I am a History Major and a part of the Masters Program for Education. I am also apart of the Club Swim Team as the Meet Coordinator for the club.
I enjoy occasionally reading and eating while I do various activities, watching Netflix and Game of Thrones.
My favorite animal is a Rhino

My favorite sport is Hockey and I am a Big Boston Bruins fan.

In my spare time I am usually with my small group of friends and my girlfriend.

I Apparently used all rights reserved pictures I have taken them down and will put up new ones.
Baseball Field:
Tukka Rask:

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