Cohens Last Chapters-A Comparison

Cohen in the third part of his book discusses the mythological aspect of the Boxer Rebellion and how this event has been perceived and written about as a mythology. One of the uses of the Boxers in mythology was by the Chinese Republic during the New Cultural Movement to show what was bad about Chinese society. The Boxers were also used by anti-foreigner groups who wanted an whole china that was free from the foreign control. This led to Cohen bringing the legacy of the Boxers as a part of the mythology of the Boxer Rebellion. The legacy starting with the spiritual legacy of the Boxers as the remaining part of China’s cultural legacy which was being attacked by the west. These questions and topics are different from the history of the event and the history of the experience and shows how an event can be used for an agenda.

This book shows how a history can be very easily distorted and used by anyone who wants to use it. History takes a very careful construction and needs extensive research so a work can be published with as little prejudice as possible. This also means that the process of writing history should be taken certain gravitas as history is very important to how people identify themselves and their nation. My own writing should be written carefully so to include many viewpoints and aspects of history so I do not mythologize my history.

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