Cohen p211-222 p239-260 Notes

Cohen p211-222

  • What myth is
    • In regard to historiography
    • What do mythologists do
    • Using myth to distort history p212
  • Mythologization of the boxers
    • Poems and Chinese literature
    • Changed the history
    • p217 Positive portrayal  for propaganda
  • Boosterism
    • Public remembering p219
    • Perpetuate myth

Cohen p239-260

  • Anti-Imperialism
    • Boxers used for anti-imperialism propaganda
  • Spiritual Legacy for Boxers
    • Anti-foreign
    • West saw Boxers as barbaric
    • Changed by Communists
  • The Persistence of the Negative Myth
    • delegitimize Chinese Nationalism
    • General term for irrational, uncivilized, and cruel behavior p255
    • Boxerism as a word for anti-foreign and anti-government

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