Student of History

I have always been interested in ancient history but this interest started broad with mythology and culture and writing but has been recently condensed to an interest in ancient military history. I am still interested in the culture and writing of ancient civilizations but the military history has more of an appeal to me. I am very interested in other area as well but a lot of my questions are around military history in the ancient world as well as Asian and European history. I am interested in the history of aviation and also the Middle East history. Questions of events and obscure stories interest me most.

I have read many history books but the ones that have inspired me most were assigned in college. The Yacoubian Building by Alaa Al Aswany. The Ottoman Endgame by Sean McMeekin. Red Star Over China by Edgar Snow. There are more but those I keep with me. These books have piqued my interest about topics I did not know I would like or be inspired by.

These books are very different in they way they are wrote as they are different styles but what they all did was bring questions to me that I wanted to pursue. Each of these books made me think and made me want to learn more about what happened. They also helped satisfy some of my questions about different events in history and different cultures.

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