Oral Presentations

I usually don’t have many qualms about oral presentations if the group is small, but with larger groups I imagine myself being fine. If the group is large I freak out when I get to the moment. But overall if I know my material I usually do fine. I like oral presentations because as much as they scare me they helped me realize how much I would like teaching and how much I like talking about what I am passionate about.

I usually try and keep a mental train of thought that I memorize and practice so I just need cues on any notecards I might need to keep myself going. I also make sure that I am sure about what I am talking about so I don’t use filler words while describing things. I always take a breath before I start and I make sure to speak slower than I would normally so my words are not messed up and I don’t rush.

I don’t really have any tips except just breathe before you start and make sure to have solid eye contact with all of the audience, not looking at the ceiling or the floor but looking and talking directly to the audience.

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