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Oral Presentations

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I usually don’t have many qualms about oral presentations if the group is small, but with larger groups I imagine myself being fine. If the group is large I freak out when I get to the moment. But overall if I know my material I usually do fine. I like oral presentations because as much as they scare me they helped me realize how much I would like teaching and how much I like talking about what I am passionate about.

I usually try and keep a mental train of thought that I memorize and practice so I just need cues on any notecards I might need to keep myself going. I also make sure that I am sure about what I am talking about so I don’t use filler words while describing things. I always take a breath before I start and I make sure to speak slower than I would normally so my words are not messed up and I don’t rush.

I don’t really have any tips except just breathe before you start and make sure to have solid eye contact with all of the audience, not looking at the ceiling or the floor but looking and talking directly to the audience.


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I normally use JSTOR and Quest to do my research and then maybe google some books that I couldn’t find on Quest. Or if I find reviews then search those books or articles.

I find Quest to be very challenging as results are very hard to find that are relevant to what I want. Quest has limited resources in area’s I have been researching. There is a lack of specific books for topics that I research, a lot of broad content but nothing that is really specialized. There are a lot of books and articles and reviews which are hard to find what is relevant to the topic and what is not.

JSTOR is very useful but it can also be a pain as most of the searches come up with reviews on books or articles that are only semi relevant. This is a theme with many of the subjects I have researched with JSTOR. The reviews are helpful to find books to further search but it lacks a large book database. It is a place to start a research not necessarily a place to finish research.

I need to find a larger database for books that could be on a wide range of subjects of detailed histories.More book sources are needed for further research and so I would like to find a site that would have a wide book database.

Cohens Last Chapters-A Comparison

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Cohen in the third part of his book discusses the mythological aspect of the Boxer Rebellion and how this event has been perceived and written about as a mythology. One of the uses of the Boxers in mythology was by the Chinese Republic during the New Cultural Movement to show what was bad about Chinese society. The Boxers were also used by anti-foreigner groups who wanted an whole china that was free from the foreign control. This led to Cohen bringing the legacy of the Boxers as a part of the mythology of the Boxer Rebellion. The legacy starting with the spiritual legacy of the Boxers as the remaining part of China’s cultural legacy which was being attacked by the west. These questions and topics are different from the history of the event and the history of the experience and shows how an event can be used for an agenda.

This book shows how a history can be very easily distorted and used by anyone who wants to use it. History takes a very careful construction and needs extensive research so a work can be published with as little prejudice as possible. This also means that the process of writing history should be taken certain gravitas as history is very important to how people identify themselves and their nation. My own writing should be written carefully so to include many viewpoints and aspects of history so I do not mythologize my history.

Cohen p211-222 p239-260 Notes

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Cohen p211-222

  • What myth is
    • In regard to historiography
    • What do mythologists do
    • Using myth to distort history p212
  • Mythologization of the boxers
    • Poems and Chinese literature
    • Changed the history
    • p217 Positive portrayal ¬†for propaganda
  • Boosterism
    • Public remembering p219
    • Perpetuate myth

Cohen p239-260

  • Anti-Imperialism
    • Boxers used for anti-imperialism propaganda
  • Spiritual Legacy for Boxers
    • Anti-foreign
    • West saw Boxers as barbaric
    • Changed by Communists
  • The Persistence of the Negative Myth
    • delegitimize Chinese Nationalism
    • General term for irrational, uncivilized, and cruel behavior p255
    • Boxerism as a word for anti-foreign and anti-government

Student of History

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I have always been interested in ancient history but this interest started broad with mythology and culture and writing but has been recently condensed to an interest in ancient military history. I am still interested in the culture and writing of ancient civilizations but the military history has more of an appeal to me. I am very interested in other area as well but a lot of my questions are around military history in the ancient world as well as Asian and European history. I am interested in the history of aviation and also the Middle East history. Questions of events and obscure stories interest me most.

I have read many history books but the ones that have inspired me most were assigned in college. The Yacoubian Building by Alaa Al Aswany. The Ottoman Endgame by Sean McMeekin. Red Star Over China by Edgar Snow. There are more but those I keep with me. These books have piqued my interest about topics I did not know I would like or be inspired by.

These books are very different in they way they are wrote as they are different styles but what they all did was bring questions to me that I wanted to pursue. Each of these books made me think and made me want to learn more about what happened. They also helped satisfy some of my questions about different events in history and different cultures.

HIST 297 Self Introduction

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Hello my name is Jack Hagn

I am from Norfolk Virginia.

This is a picture of the minor league stadium in Norfolk and I have lived there my entire life.
I see a large part of who I am as a swimmer. I started swimming the summer after I turned 6 and have been swimming ever since.
I have 3 siblings, two younger brothers and a younger sister and two dogs that we are hosting while their family is out of the states.
This is my Sophomore Year at UMW and I am a History Major and a part of the Masters Program for Education. I am also apart of the Club Swim Team as the Meet Coordinator for the club.
I enjoy occasionally reading and eating while I do various activities, watching Netflix and Game of Thrones.
My favorite animal is a Rhino

My favorite sport is Hockey and I am a Big Boston Bruins fan.

In my spare time I am usually with my small group of friends and my girlfriend.

I Apparently used all rights reserved pictures I have taken them down and will put up new ones.
Baseball Field:
Tukka Rask:

History 297

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This is a blog for HIST 297!

–Jack Hagn.